Led Driver AL8805
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Description: The AL8805 is a step-down DC/DC converter designed to drive LEDs with a constant current. The device can drive up to 8 LEDs, depending on the forward voltage of the LEDs, in series from a voltage source of 6V to 36V. Maximum output current of AL8805 is set via an external resistor connected between the VIN and SET input pins. Dimming is achieved by applying either a DC voltage or a PWM signal at the CTRL input pin. An input voltage of 0.4V or lower at CTRL switches off the output MOSFET simplifying PWM dimming. It has the capability to dim a single high-power channel of LEDs from 0-350mA at up to 36V while the dimming control can be either accessed via PWM or analog signal from 0-2.5V. **Tutorials :** * [sparkfun](https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/femtobuck-constant-current-led-driver-hookup-guide?_ga=1.12661623.199792906.1440360367)

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